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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Signal the conductor...the train needs slowin' down! Was it not yesterday that I was giving birth to my precious child and now she's going to 1st grade?

I always wanted to sucker punch those people who would sigh and say, "enjoy each moment because it goes by so fast". Ugh! "Get over the cliche's already" I would scoff to myself. Ahhh, it's so refreshing to look back and see how mature I've become since those days. Now instead of scoffing, I'm just trying to enjoy each moment...you know, it goes by so fast!

Abby on her first day of school 2009 (1st grade)

I realize that I just did this comparison less than 2 months ago (read that here). You may find comfort in knowing that next year I may be over the taking-of-the-pictures-with-the-backpack phase. I'm not sure I can give you that assurance just yet, but the thought may help you endure another round of Care Bear backpack pictures.

Actually, this was Abby's idea...she thought it would be a good "joke" to take another picture of her this year with the infamous CB backpack. I agreed that it might be a good tool to measure her growth. Won't it be fabulous to see her wearing the Care Bear's backpack on her first day of work?

Let's review:
August 2006, first day of Pre-school

August 2007, first day of Jr. Kindergarten

July 2008, first day of Kindergarten

July 2009, first day of 1st Grade

Take special note of the shoes here in the last picture. Yes, those are shoelaces. Although Abby has known how to tie a bow for awhile, I've hesitated to buy lace up shoes because I knew that it would add an additional 16 minutes to the morning routine. As it is, the production that she does with her socks takes 3 minutes per foot. Not because she can't navigate the sock - it's the cuffing. Ohhhh the cuffing....it must be just so. Will never know where she gets that from.

It was a great first day at school...Abby's very excited to have her same teacher this year as she did for Kindergarten. She has all the same classmates (with the exception of one who moved out of state and one new boy). We are looking forward to all that 1st grade will bring.

I'm especially looking forward to my daughter officially being smarter than me.

Big hugs from
Care Bear Backpack Central,


Suzy Jahn said...

Wow! School starts early for ya'll doesn't it? Sending lots of love from the CA Jahns!

Nicole said...

I meant to ask you last night how Abby's first day was. She is getting so tall. Love the CB backpack.

Anonymous said...

Looking back at the 2006 and 2007 first day of school pictures I'd say little Miss Abby has strengthened those back muscles! LOL! Aunt Jan

Julie Prichard said...

YES! Keep that backpack....I want to see her with it on the first day of college!

Look at her pose assortment....she's gone from cute and little to sassy and show the slimming view like Paris Hilton...

mama mia...

Amy said...

Love it. Definitely keep the backpack. Reminds me of a story...