Welcome to our adventures. I try as best as I can to document the happenings here in our family - everything from the shenanigans to the spiritual, from the kid to the kitchen, from the cat to the catastrophes. We believe that adventure can be found in everything we do...even in the mundane tasks of the day. When we set our minds on things above in gratitude to God, we find the strength to approach life with a sense of purpose & adventure. The adventure may not always be what we have planned...but isn't that what adventure is all about?

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Friday, April 22, 2011

If only I could rustle up those pictures that my Mom took of me pitching during my jr/sr high softball games. I had my tongue hanging out Michael Jordan style. So unattractive, I might add - right along with those polyester shorts they had us wear. Coupled with my 80's hair wings, I was a sight to behold. I figured I carry on the tradition - of course I think Abby is alot cuter.

She seems to have "caught" on pretty good to the throwing and catching bit.