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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Putting an APB out on one, single, white tooth.

Not the greatest picture quality...but there you go.
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Monday, May 10, 2010
I officially can't stop myself....another post.   For those of you that are keeping track, that's FOUR in a row.   I'm an unstoppable rebel force.

So yesterday was mother's day and my 2 favorite people took me to Fall Creek Falls State Park to do a little hiking and sight seeing.   Here's a picture I took of one of the main falls....it pretty much looks like every other picture that has been taken of it.   I think the sound of the water hitting the rocks caused every ounce of creativity I had to leave my body.

Now, in order to get to this part, you had to cross this:

That's Abby on a suspension bridge.   As in, if it breaks you will plummet 40,000 feet to your death on the jagged rocks below.  And I'm sure there are sharks and leviathans in the water as well as a variety of pathogenic microorganisms.  

Ok, so I exaggerate.   But as I stood at the foot of the suspension bridge this is pretty much how I felt about it.    I turned back and looked at my husband and daughter and said in a whisper, "I can't do it."    My legs felt like noodles at just the thought of being close to the thing.   As if the bridge itself would become unhooked from the other end, swing over, grab me and throw me down to the hungry leviathans awaiting a nice juicy native Californian.

But then, the skies parted and rays of sunshine beamed down on the face of my child.....as she opened her mouth to speak, I thought the sound of singing angelic beings would fill my ears.   Actually, she yelled at me


In the span of a second, my entire life flashed before me.   Well, it wasn't my entire life....just those scenes where I was trying to teach my child to overcome her fears.    You know, sitting in the doctors office waiting for a shot......sitting at the top of the really tall slide at the park.....going up to the scary clown to ask for a balloon.....you know, those kind of scenes.

Consumed and nearly crippled by my fear, I stood there....contemplating my next move.   How could I tell my precious child that I was not willing to overcome my fears?    I could justify myself though....I mean, how many hungry leviathan's are waiting at the bottom of the park slide?   We're talking about real safety issues here.   I had the good reasons.

However.......... I chose to overcome my fear and walk across the bridge.     And you never saw anyone walk so gingerly across a suspension bridge as me.   Swiftly, yet gingerly.    Of course, some dork decided to come from the other side whilst I was crossing.    As we approached the middle I could not even look up to give him the mal de ojo...my eyes were fixed on the wooden slats that were separating my body from the hungry leviathans.    Fortunately, he was a seasoned suspension bridge veteran and walked me through the little dance we did to pass each other.   Whew....I continued on to the end and almost collapsed from noodle-leg.    At a certain point I realized that in all my selfish fears, I didn't even consider how Abby and Mike were doing at crossing the death trap.    I turn back around to see Abby skipping across the thing like it was a 12 foot thick slab of concrete.    Hmmm.    She couldn't wait to cross it the other way.....    I think Mike was somewhere in between.

So I'm proud to say that I overcame my fear and modeled "overcoming" to my girl.    Not only that, but I was rewarded with some beautiful scenery and falls.

It was a super fun time with my man and my kid....

By the way.....and I don't know where on earth she gets this......but Abby wanted to lead the way the entire time.   Whenever one of us would get ahead, she would call us back to our subordinate positions and remind us that she was "on point".

Here she is contemplating her next move (as she ties her shoe):

And of course, no trip would be complete without an "Amaro Point" picture:

The "point" of the story is.....there are rewards for those who overcome their fears.    I think Joyce Meyer says it good:  "if you can't get over your fear than just do it afraid".  

So what fears do you need to overcome today?
You can do it.....

Love y'all...
Sunday, May 9, 2010
3 days in a row....I'm on a roll.

Couldn't let the day go by without sending some Mo Day love to my Momma....and, to my Mo-in-law, Mom Amaro!!   Two special ladies who deserve all the best and more....love you guys.   I mean, love y'all.

Without the two of you, there would NEVER have been one of these:

and for that, I'm sure MANY people are grateful!

And just one last note to those of you who don't have offspring this mother's day....you can still have an impact in the life of a child.   Remember those children you have influence over and know that you make a difference in their life!!  

God bless,
Saturday, May 8, 2010
A quick shout out to my mother-in-law who is celebrating her birthday today far away from us in sunny California!

Happy Birthday to You  cha-cha-cha
Happy Birthday to You  cha-cha-cha
Happy Birthday dear Mom Amaro cha-cha-cha
Happy Birthday to You!
Thanks for being the best mom-in-law ever...looking forward to seeing you in June!  
Lotsa, lotsa, lotsa love.
Friday, May 7, 2010
tap tap..........this thing on?

Don't hurt yourself. I'm blogging. I won't waste time apologizing - only to say that blogging falls low on my priority list at this moment in time.   I've realized that......brace yourself......I can't do it all. I know - it was a shocking revelation to me as well. But really - the feeling of having your priorities in check totally rocks.

Enough of that.

Thought I'd give you the readers digest of what has been going on here at Club Amaro over the last 2 months. I'll start with today and work my way backwards....somehow that feels right.

Today was career day at school. Abby wanted to be an "Equine Exhibitor".  And yes, that is a genuine riding habit that she's wearing (about 3 sizes too big, thank goodness for safety pins) and her pink stick horse named Jewel. Some good friends of ours breed, train and show Tennessee Walking Horses and the exposure to them has made Abby a huge fan. She's all about it. Wonder what next career day will bring?

Next we have the first official "school play"....entitled "EI-EI-Oops!"   It takes place on Old Mac Donald's farm.   There were ALOT of kids in the production....BIG HUGE KUDOS to the drama teacher.   How he got that many Kindergarten and 1st graders to be quiet and follow directions that well, I will never know.   Abby was one of the "ducks"...her lines (all 15 words) were very well spoken and expressive.   And her waddle was quite the sight.   It was a cute production and Abby loved it.   I would like to say there may be a future for this child in the performing arts.

Most of you are hopefully aware of the horrible flooding that has occurred here in the last week.   Nashville was hit very hard it.   We were very fortunate to not have any flooding in our neighborhood, but as you can see from the picture above, there was ALOT of water.   Normally, there is a ditch right in front of where the mailbox is.  This ditch was completely covered with water and it began to encroach on the first tree there in the yard.   In the backyard, there was so much water that the little kids slide we have was floating!  Please pray for Nashville - although the devastating aftermath has hardly been covered by national media, it is VERY bad.

Yes.   My husband rode a horse.   That's all I have to say about that.

Yes.  My daughter rode a horse.   And now she wants to be an equine exhibitor.   That's all I have to say about that.

My sweet Nana passed away at the end of March.  We had a whirlwind tour to see her just before she passed and was able to attend the funeral before coming home.   I cherish the last few days that I got to spend with her in the nursing home.

Abby and I took a little trip to the Nashville Zoo over spring break.   She has been there a handful of times, but this was my first visit.     Uh......yeah.    I am from San Diego.    Were you aware that San Diego has a world-famous zoo?   There's a reason that the Nashville Zoo is not world famous.   I'm just sayin'.

I love this picture of my man that I took when we were in Louisiana.  I've been trying to spend some time with my long lost friend "The Reb".   The photographic activity has been low over the last month, but I hope get a little shutter finger exercise soon.  Most of my photo shots and favorite shots are available for viewing over at AFH Online.  Please go there and look around.    Sign up for the email updates.   Grab the feed and stay up to date.   Become a Facebook Fan or follow me on Twitter.   I appreciate any support I can get!  

Here's a few recent shots:

ladybug in yellow flower

flowering dogwood  


horse stuff

Phew....that took alot out of me.   I think I may need a nap.   I hope that you feel a bit more up to speed and that it won't be 2 months before you see me here again.

Lotsa love.