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Sunday, February 13, 2011
Happy Valentines from Club Amaro!

Abby's Class Valentines

Valentines is a reminder to me that all we need is love...!   Ok, well - we need food, water and clothes too.  Of course, human love - as nice as that is - is not perfect love.  It tends to come with a few conditions and imperfections (and depending on the person, it may be more than a few).   We definitely need the love of one another....absolutely!   But there is a greater love.  The love of the Heavenly Father!   His love is unconditional and perfect.   And He gave the greatest Valentine of all...

"For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Note: A shout out to friend, fellow photographer and artist, Julie Prichard whose latest blog motivated me to pull out some on-hand craft supplies, blow the dust off my Sizzix machine and hand make Abby's Valentines again! Check out her series on "Teach Art To Your Children" (v1.2, v1.3)...quite inspiring!   Thanks, Dude!
Thursday, February 3, 2011
It feels like 100 years since I've blogged.

I remember the days when I used to blog all the time...

Times have changed.

Full schedule and all that.

And, I just realized that all those little things I want to say to the world (as if the world cares) I say on Facebook or Twitter.   When I blog, I always feel like I need to give more than 140 character update....something more profound or explanatory or expository.    Of course I know I can always get away with just posting a picture of my precious offspring.


Anyway - I was thinking about a little something I wanted to share.   I've noticed I've started implementing in my household recently.   I thought perhaps it might help someone else.   It's a little thing I call "Set Up For Success".  

Backstory.  I have a problem with mornings....see, I need to get out of bed, curl up in a chair with a cup of coffee (preferably that's been made for me with the right distribution of frothed milk & raw sugar), a warm blanket and my reading and ease into the day.    Ask me how often that happens.   <radio silence>  Apparently, my daughter has inherited this character trait as well.    So if there are things we have to do in the morning that are undesirable and necessary, the odds of it actually happening are about as low as my coffee being delivered to me on a silver platter every morning, properly frothed and sugared.

Undesirable and Necessary.....we all have those items on the checklist, don't we?

So here's how it works....

The "Set Up" ::  for us this happens the night before...but it's the action part, the prep, the "just do it" part.
The "Success" ::  it's the result.   There is success because we've spent time in the setup.   It's actually more like, "a higher likelihood for success".  

Example:   Somebody doesn't like taking a shower in the morning and that's the only time that this person can do it (I'm not naming any names, but it's not me, ok?).
The Set Up:  Bathmat on the floor, shower curtain pulled to the side as if to beckon you in, robe on the doorknob, towel by the shower, shower cap of the day hanging on the tub spout
Success:  Fall out of bed, everything is ready - no setup required to complain about.

Baddah bing, baddah boom.   Shower.

Example:  Somebody likes to procrastinate in going to the gym in the morning.   <Why you lookin' at me like that?>
The Set Up:  Gym clothes at the foot of the bed, water bottle, keys and MP3 player on the counter
Success:  Fall out of bed, get dressed and everything needed is by the door ready to go.  No more "I can't find this or that so I will just stay home"

Badda boom.   Gym.    (Of course, I am still looking for the "Set Up" that will help me not sit in the parking lot for 20 minutes tweeting about how I don't want to go work out.   Suggestions appreciated).

Setting up for success is about having an action plan, but part of it is setting up your mindset.   "I am going to the gym tomorrow because here are my clothes and my water bottle is ready to go, blah, blah, blah". One of my favorite verses from the bible tells me to "be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2).     Our mind and thoughts are POWERFUL things!    Even if you're one taco short of a combo plate, you still have the power to make choices and change your mind about things.

There are lots of other ways I can implement the "Set Up For Success" strategy in my house...for now, it's just something that I've been rocking in beta.

So maybe this gives you - all 2 of my faithful readers that have stuck with me over the last year of flailing blog posts - a little motivation to find an area where you can set yourself up for a higher likelihood of success.

Be blessed!