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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
I think she was doing it before, but Abby is officially reading now!

Tonight, before bedtime she read to us (as opposed to the other way around) 3 books from a phonics bundle that we have.

Here are the contents of the 3 books:

Book 1 - "Cat"
Cat can tap Rat.
Cat ran.
Rat ran Cat ran
Rat sat on Cat.

Book 2 - "Rag"
Sad Rag.
Rag and Cat.
Rat and Rag and Cat.
Rat can pat Rag.
Cat can pat Rag.
Wag, wag, wag!

Book 3 - "Pig Wig"
Pig Wig.
Pig Wig and Cat.
Cat sat on the hat!
Pig Wig is sad.
Cat had a cap.
The cap fit Pig Wig!

With the exception of "the" and "is" - she sounded out and read all the words in those 3 books!

The best part is when she would have some trouble sounding something out....we would let her work through it. When she got it right Mike and I would get excited, but she was the most excited of all! She does this fist pumping in the air ala Tiger Woods....it's hilarious to see, but you know that she's so proud of herself for getting the word right.

The days of Mike and I spelling out our words to conceal is O-V-E-R....