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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
So all the sudden I'm in the mood for some peaches...maybe with a little side of herb? Unfortunately, there's no time for that - I haven't posted in 10 days and the blogging police have an APB out on me. As my friend Marty would say, I need to get crack-a-lackin'.

Reunited, and it feels so good. Reunited, 'cause we understood.
There's one perfect fit and, sugar, this one is it.
We both are so excited cuz we're reunited
Hey, hey

My hope is that you sang that out loud without realizing it.

I've had this song in my head all week long while thinking of all the reunions that have occurred over the last few days. Along with the tune, I'm having visions of the cheesy video that went along with it. You know the one...Peaches has that long sequined evening gown on and I can't even start about Herb. Anyway, I digress. Let's talk about reunions.

Reunion #1 is between the 3 Amaro's and our house. Saturday evening, we returned home from our 2 week vacation to Texas and Arkansas. We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation - but hey, you can't tell me that it doesn't feel good to come home. Not only that, but before we left, I cleaned the house. Even my fridge...hey, when there's no food in there and you actually have to look at the shelves? It ain't pretty, kitty. I don't care if you call me names, but I was downright giddy when I walked in the door and saw my clean house. I opened the refrigerator and a chorus of angels sang. It was wonderful for about 5 minutes and then I transformed into the nightmare unpacking lady...which is almost as scary as the nightmare packing lady. Don't get in my way...I'm unpacking. Ask Mike about it...he'll tell ya.

The honor of Reunion #2 is given to the 3 Amaro's and Grandaddy. We picked him up from the airport Sunday morning - he flew ALL NIGHT long (after getting off work Saturday night!). We have been enjoying his time here and we're even getting a new painted mailbox out of the deal. How 'bout that! One thing I can always count on when Dad is here is getting in my recommended daily allowance of fruit. He's always cuttin' up fruit. I'll be walking past him and all of the sudden there will be a knife in my face with a perfectly cut cantaloupe pyramid at the end and the words, "here". Love that.

Reunion #3 We decided that taking Jeremiah with us on vacation would not be wise so we called upon our friends, The Rutledges to fish sit. We knew that the J man would be in good hands with this gang. Sure enough, when we went to pick him up Sunday afternoon he was in good spirits - even after ingesting a popcorn kernal husk (good job, Rusty...hee hee!). We brought Jeremiah home, cleaned his tank and gave him a little blood worm treat. He was in fish heaven...figuratively speaking, of course. A special "THANK YOU" to the Rutledge crew for taking care of Jeremiah and giving us little facebook updates on his time with you. We appreciate you guys!!

Some other reunions of note...I had a reunion with going back to work. I can't say it was such a favorable one (not in regards to my co-workers, of course, whom I enjoy immensely). I was also reunited with B & M and the kids who returned back yesterday from a month overseas. Next week, Abby will be reunited with school (I can't believe I have a daughter in 1st grade). Since I've been off the blogging charts for awhile, I guess I'm also having a little reunion with you right now!

Now you can see why I've got Peaches and Herb on my mind...

Oh yeah. One little random item I did want to mention...Abby has reached an incredible milestone. The child officially blows bubbles with her gum. Maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal to you - but - have YOU ever tried to teach someone (under the age of 7, that is) how to blow a bubble? I have sprouted a whole crop of gray hairs from the experience. Buy stock in Trident now, people.

Consider yourself reunited...hey, hey.

lots of love,