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Friday, July 31, 2009
My little fashionista ready for her school day.

Shortly after Kindergarten started, I made myself a promise. The promise was...from that day forward I would relinquish my need to control hair and wardrobe choices for my precious offspring. However, I retained the right to intervene in said choices should any of the following conditions occur:

1. Inappropriate showing of the bid-ness
2. Visible skin square footage exceeds comfort level of either parental unit
2. Outfit selection with blatant disregard for extreme weather conditions
3. Hair in the face

Let me say (and those of you that know me don't need to be told) I am a FAR cry from being anywhere near a fashion statement. In fact, I'm sure that my faceless picture has appeared in a few "DON'T DO THIS" sections. But, I do think I have a knack for putting together some cute outfits for Abby. I have a decent sense of what colors match and am able to pair appropriate footwear and even accessorize when necessary. So when Abby began to have an opinion about her clothing, I was sure that it would fall in line with my own (right) opinion.

Boy was I wrong...

I remember the first time Abby and I had a full blown argument about what she would wear to school. Good grief...I couldn't believe how immature she was being. Uh...I mean....um....I couldn't believe how immature I was being. I'm arguing with a five year old - one who wants to wear plaid shorts with a tie die shirt....this can't end well.

I can't say it was exactly that day that I made the promise to myself...it may have been a few arguments later.

It's been a good exercise in self-control for me. I could always to a little better at hiding my obvious dis-like of a certain pairing. And because I can't completely keep my mouth shut, I do offer my "opinion" and then add, "but in the end, it's your decision".

Of course I would love for my kid to be perfectly groomed and well dressed. But WHY IS THAT???? Would I be embarrassed because she's wearing some mis-matched outfit or her hair is not perfectly coiffed? Do I have insecurities that are softened by having a put-together child? Why is it so hard for me to let it go?

I haven't been able to answer that question so much, but I have stayed true to my promise. I do love seeing Abby free to express herself through her wardrobe selection, even if the colors don't match or the patterns clash. My prayer is that when I do need to stand firm with her on an issue, she will know and understand that it's over something important and not over some silly thing like a pair of plaid pants cuffed all the way up to her knee.

What I have come to realize is that what she wears on her body (as long as it satisfies my standard of "appropriateness") is not nearly as important as the character that is developing on the inside. How she rocks her 'do is a drop in the bucket compared to the brain that's underneath that beautiful head of hair.

So...where do you need to pull back the reigns a bit and let the petty stuff roll?

Just askin' is all...

Rock that plaid, y'all.